The Scott County Community Foundation established the Youth Grantmaking Council (“YGC”) with a $50,000 grant from the Paul Ogle Foundation and a $4,000 “Angel Grant” from the Moore Foundation. The YGC was formed as a way to get youth involved in the community.
The goals of the YGC are to provide opportunities for leadership development, provide positive peer support, learn about philanthropy and serving the community, form a partnership with other youth and adults, and grow the endowment for the future.
In 2010, the YGC expanded its community service committee to allow youth from the community to join by completing monthly community service projects.

Youth Grantmaking Council Members


Voting YGC members include: Miranda Baker, Hannah Brown, Makalynn Brown, Gavin Collins, Josiah Croasdell, Hannah Dickerson, Sara Edwards, Elle Fleenor, Macy Funk, Justice Gabbard,  Jordan Gibson, Alexa Howser, Ryan Howser, Ally Justice, Eliza Mount, Isaak Mount, Brinley Soloe,  Lauren Turner, Emma Waskom, Lyla Waskom, Jakeb Watts and Caleb White.
Members of the Community Service Committee include:  Lyndie Foster, Avery Kendall, Emily Justice, Abby Doriot, Gavin Borden, Alex Witt, Jaylyn Cross, Dylan Hancock, Jameson Hale, Becky Foster, Emily Foster, Melea Luttrell, Addie Borden, Mia Collins, Nick Henderson, Eric Marcum, Taylor Funk, Jenna Buckner, Ethan Mullins, Paige Barrett, Sarah Thomas, Jake Murphy, Lexi Edwards, Jackson Campbell, Rachael Mount, Aubrey Asdell, Aidan Crites, Hayden Asdell, Isabella Campbell, Kellan Carter, Sydney Craig, Mayson Cutter, Chandler Elliott, Hayden Garten, Skylar Herald, Olivia Higginbotham, Abby Masterson, Lucas Toppe, Sophia Voiles, Olivia Reul, Logan Weilbaker, Lydia Wolf, Gino Wouters.

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For more information about the Scott County Youth Grantmaking Council, please contact us.

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