2016 Lilly Scholar – Jordan Shuler

Jordan Shuler

Jordan Shuler
2016 graduate of Scottsburg High School
2020 graduate of Grace College with degree in accounting and sports management

“After four years at Grace College, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in both accounting and sport management. It was an amazing four years at Grace, and I cannot believe it’s over. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish my senior year how I expected, since we weren’t able to go back after spring break. My classes this past year actually were not too hard. I took pretty much all of my more difficult classes in my second and third years so that I would be able to just enjoy college life my last year.

This was definitely a different year compared to my first three. Many of my friends graduated in three years, so a lot of the people that I came into college with were gone. It was also the first year that I did not live in a residence hall. Instead, I lived in an on-campus apartment. It was different not living in a dorm, but it was definitely a much-needed change. In addition to that, I was also the head captain of our Ultimate Frisbee team this past year. We had an amazing group of people on the team this year. This was the closest our team has been on and off the field during my four years, and we got along so well. We worked hard, got better, and actually won a tournament this winter against some bigger universities, including Michigan State and Eastern Michigan. Unfortunately, with spring being cut short, that was our final tournament.

I learned a lot in my four years at Grace. I made a ton of new friends, learned a lot in classes, and grew in a lot of different aspects. I’m definitely going to miss college, but for now, my attention has shifted. I have moved back home and will be living in Scottsburg for now. This summer, I am studying full time for the CPA Exam, and have a goal of passing it all the first time. In September, I will be starting full-time work as an auditor for the Indiana State Board of Accounts. I did an internship there last summer and loved it. While I enjoyed the past four years, I do look forward to this next phase of my life and am excited to see what it holds for me.”

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