2017 Lilly Scholar – Katie Hunger


Katie Hunger
Attending DePauw University to major in English literature

“These past few months have flown by. There was only a little more than a week between the end of my summer internship and the start of the semester. I spent the summer with News21 in Phoenix, Arizona reporting for a national project on natural disasters and disaster relief. The experience really stretched me and what I thought I was capable of accomplishing, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have had the opportunity to work with the amazing cohort and editors. I traveled to both New Orleans, La. and Panama City, Fla. to speak with residents who experienced hurricanes Katrina and Michael. While I looked specifically at how children and mental health are affected by storms, my colleagues reported on everything from the rising threat of wildfires to housing issues after natural disasters. The project is now live at https://stateofemergency.news21.com/. It was really fulfilling to step back and see how everything came together in the end.

This fall I started my junior year at DePauw and my second semester as editor-in-chief of The DePauw. I was really excited to meet the new first-years interested in the paper and to see what kind of momentum would come from their fresh enthusiasm. With The Depauw there’s always a learning curve because we don’t have a journalism program feeding into our staff, but I’m so proud of what our staff as a whole was able to accomplish. I set out this semester to accomplish my goal of making The DePauw more online first, and we did it! I can’t tell you how many times I got messages from different staff members about finished stories on Fridays and Saturdays that they were excited to get on the website. I also go to travel with some of my staff to Washington, D.C. for a national media convention. We got to meet and brainstorm with student journalists from all over the country. We also got to visit the Newseum before it closed for good.

One of the things I love most about DePauw is the variety in classes that students have to choose from. This semester I took a course in which I learned how movies are written. We were tasked with planning and writing our own feature length screenplay this semester. So, I now have the first act written of a movie idea that I’ve fleshed out all semester and the rest of the movie planned out scene by scene. How cool is that?

Looking ahead to next semester, I’m excited to say that I’ll be studying abroad at Oxford University in Oxford, England. For four months, I’ll be on the other side of the pond reading books and exploring the countryside. Study abroad is one thing I promised myself I’d do while in college, and while I’m anxious about it all working out, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity.”

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