2018 Lilly Scholar – Isaak Mount

Isaak Mount
2018 graduate, Scottsburg High School
Attending Indiana University to major in mathematics and economics

“Coming into college I was nervous, as everyone probably is but never wants to admit. I didn’t know if I would meet good friends, enjoy my classes, or run out of meal points in the first month. Thankfully, the friends part was taken care of once I auditioned for the IU Marching Hundred Drumline. I knew I wanted to continue exploring the love I had for music, and joining the marching band was one of the ways I did it. I arrived a week early and met some of my best friends. Throughout the season, I made memories that I will cherish forever. However, band was not my main focus. Shortly after classes started, a passion for learning was reignited in me. It was a rejuvenating experience to be surrounded by people who were interested in and wanted to learn the same things as I. The classes were tough, but my professors were passionate and engaging which encouraged me to do the best I could in every course. Outside of class, I enjoyed playing sports with my friends and exploring Bloomington. About three times a week, I would also find myself ending up in a free IU recital or concert put on by one of the best music departments in the country. Overall, my first semester was all I hoped for and more, especially after I figured out I could eat more than one meal a day and still have meal points left at the end of the semester. I already am looking to next semester where I will be learning even more in class and playing electric bass guitar in the Big Red Basketball Band. I am happy to be at IU and thankful for all the opportunities I have received.”

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