Why Should I Give? 

Giving back to your community through the Community Foundation has many benefits. Listen here to former First Lady Judy O’Bannon talk about the impact of community foundations.



    You determine the purpose for which your gift is to be used, or you may entrust all or part of that decision to the Board of Directors as they evaluate changing community needs.



    Your gift keeps giving.  The fund that receives your gift will continue to provide benefits to the community into the future.


    Lasting Memorial

    By naming a fund for a loved one, a friend, or an organization, you establish a permanent memorial.


    Tax Benefits

    Your gift or bequest qualifies for maximum deductibility for tax purposes.


    Security & Accountability

    Your gift is invested prudently and managed professionally. The Foundation is fully accountable to the community.



    Your gift will keep pace with changing times. If, in the future, the need you identified no longer exists or has been met, the Foundation will ensure that the fund will continue to meet future needs of the community in fields related to your interests.


    Optimum Investment Return

    Your agency fund has the advantage of being invested in a larger pool of assets that can lead to greater growth, greater income and lower investment fees.


    Decreased Administrative Burden

    The Scott County Community Foundation handles investment management, accounting and financial reporting; including annual audit.


    Increased Visibility

    Your fund receives exposure in the Scott County Community Foundation’s annual report, newsletter and other publications, reaching more and perhaps different donors than those on your current list.

For more information on Scott County Community Foundation and why you might wish to provide a donation, please contact us.

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