2015 Lilly Scholar – Derek Everhart

Derek Everhart

Derek Everhart
2015 Graduate, Austin?High School
Attending?Butler?University to major in pre-pharmacy

“The Spring 2018 semester was by far the busiest point of my Butler career to date. The professional phase of the Doctor of Pharmacy program involves many classes that are not only challenging but time-consuming as well. Apart from regular lecture, many courses have students involved in lab work and recitation sessions – turning the standard 17 course-hours into something closer to 26 hours. I would be lying if I said that it has not been difficult to find time for everything in my busy schedule, but in doing so I am more confident in my ability to succeed now and in the future as a health care professional than ever before.

My semester also included even more than academics. I was able to serve the community of Indianapolis by visiting local public schools to help out with an afternoon program. Our goal during this time was to help prepare the students for future ISTEP testing by focusing on what topics the students struggled with while enforcing the topics that they already excel in. Additionally, I spent a lot of time planning for my busy summer. My brother?s wedding, summer classes, an IPPE rotation, and my internship with CVS Health will be some of the most important events in this first leg of the professional program, and require a lot of time and planning to appropriately prepare for them.

I?m very excited to start my classes in the fall, even though it feels like the school year never even ended. Therapeutics and the second iteration of Medicinal Chemistry are daunting tasks, and I couldn?t be more eager to begin. I?m also very excited because my cousin begins her journey at IUPUI?s school of nursing, and this will be the first semester that I have had a family member living so close. I want to make this the best semester yet, taking adequate time to improve my physical and mental health while prospering in the classroom. After the completion of the semester, I can confidently say that I learned far more this past semester than I have during any other time in my education.”