Which Fund Is Right for Me?

Giving away money can be complicated and confusing. That’s why establishing a partnership with the Scott County Community Foundation makes such good sense. We help donors achieve their charitable dreams by offering a variety of charitable giving options.

You may choose the fund that best meets your charitable intentions.

Unrestricted Fund

You understand the needs of the community may change over time, so you place no restrictions on how the fund is to be used, entrusting those decisions to the Board of Directors, now and generations to come.

Field of Interest

You determine a particular area of interest to support (such as health, education, arts/culture), for use within a specific geographic area (county, city, township, neighborhood), or for the benefit of a particular population (elderly, homeless, handicapped, youth). The Board of Directors decides upon specific grants within your field of interest.

Designated Fund/Agency Fund

You create a fund to support a specific charitable, school or governmental organization. Grants from the fund will benefit your favorite charitable activity every year.

Donor Advised Fund

You or your family remain personally involved in the process of grantmaking from the fund by annually making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Scholarship Fund

These funds assist students in their pursuit of higher education. You may choose to be involved in the selection or turn the process over to the Foundation’s scholarship committee.



Your help and contributions make the Scott County Community Foundation’s organization continue to be one of the leaders in local philanthropy for now and the many years ahead.