Legacy Society


The Scott County Community Foundation honors those who have made a lasting commitment to our community by contributing charitable gifts to the Foundation through their will, trust, or other planned gifts.

These special donors had the foresight to use the Foundation to carry out their charitable goals, ensuring the causes they cared about would be impacted years after they were gone.

Getting Started Is Easy

While you may choose to remain anonymous in your philanthropy to the Scott County Community Foundation, participation in the Legacy Society can be an inspirational experience, and may encourage others to look toward the future and how they too may have an enduring impact on the causes they care about. You begin the process of establishing your own Legacy Society Fund today in three easy steps!

  1. Inform your professional advisor that you plan to make a charitable provision in your will or other planned gift.
  2. You or your advisor can inform the Scott County Community Foundation’s staff of this provision.
  3. We help establish your personal legacy of giving – and invite you to join our other caring community members who belong to the Legacy Society.

Legacy Society Members

Legacy Society Documents

For more information on how to leave your legacy, please contact us.