Leadership Southern Indiana

In 2020, Scott County Community Foundation partnered with Leadership Southern Indiana to expand their service area to Scott County. Leadership SI is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage, develop, and mobilize regional leaders who will serve and transform our community. Leadership SI offers four signature leadership programs, as well as other events throughout the year to help people become more effective leaders. To enhance the partnership and programs, a “Scott County Day” was added to the DISCOVER class. Participants spend an entire day getting a “taste” of Scott County through visiting several places and hearing from a variety of community leaders. More information on DISCOVER and other programs can be found at leadershipsi.org.

Scott County Alumni

Eddie Bennett, Norton Scott Hospital, DISCOVER ’24

Mandi Bieda, Montgomery Farms, ELEVATE ’22

Adam Bomar, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, FOCUS ’23

Jenni Brown, Bree’s Blessings, FOCUS ’23

Connor Caudill, Ivy Tech Community College, FOCUS ’23

Toby Deaton, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, DISCOVER ’22

Kelly Dulaney, Scott County Chamber of Commerce, ELEVATE ’19

John Edrington, Warriors Den/Ross Theatre, DISCOVER ’24

Chris Garten, Signature Countertops, ENGAGE ’17

Joe Guarneri, Scott County Sheriff’s Department, DISCOVER ’24

Sara Guarneri, Ivy Tech Community College, ELEVATE ’22

Shelley Lakins, NWSB, DISCOVER ’24

Jamie Longacre, 20/twenty Strategic Consultants, FOCUS ’11, DISCOVER ’11, ENGAGE ’17

Candace Meyer, Minds In Motion, DISCOVER ’89

Dawn Sanders, Scott County Partnership, FOCUS ’21

Della Sennett, Scott Memorial Health, DISCOVER ’21

Dave Smith, New Washington State Bank, DISCOVER ’22

Jaime Toppe, Scott County Community Foundation, FOCUS ’19

Klarinda Tutterow, New Hope Services, DISCOVER ’22

Syd Whitlock, New Washington State Bank (NWSB), DISCOVER ’07

Melissa Woods, River Hills Economic Development District, DISCOVER ’21