2016 Lilly Scholar -?Jordan Shuler

Jordan Shuler

Jordan Shuler
2016 graduate of Scottsburg High School
2020 graduate of Grace College with degree in accounting and sports management

“Now that college has been over, I have realized how much I loved my college experience, and it has prepared me well for my career. I am currently a field examiner for the Indiana State Board of Accounts. The summer after I graduated college, I studied full time for the CPA exam, and was able to pass all four parts before I started working. I am currently in the process of becoming a licensed CPA, as I now have all the licensure requirements finished. I have really enjoyed my nearly two years of work for the SBOA so far and look forward to continuing it. I have already received a lot of opportunities for growth and to do different things.

In addition to working for the SBOA, I have also been a volunteer assistant coach for the Scottsburg High School boy’s golf team the last two years. It has been something that has helped me grow in my abilities to teach and communicate, and has been a great opportunity. I have also been on staff with the marching band at SHS for the last two years. It is one of my favorite things that I do since it was one of my favorite things that I participated in during high school. I look forward to continuing to work with the band.

I also have been able to continue some activities that I loved in college. I still play ultimate frisbee a couple times a week, and that is something that helps keep me active since I work at my computer most of the day. I also have been attending Southeast Christian Church in Jeffersonville for the past few years, and have a great small group of people that I really connect with. This has helped my transition from my college years to my post-college years greatly. Although I miss college, I love being back home in my community and am grateful for the opportunities that I have to give back.”