Julian and Ashley Stallings present a grant for $1,000 to Jenni Brown for Bree?s Blessings. The grant was awarded from the Jayce Ray Stallings Memorial Fund at the Scott County Community Foundation. Bree?s Blessings was founded in memory of Bree Brown, and provides pediatric cancer patients with opportunities to further their interests in music and/or art as a method of coping with their diagnosis and treatments. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Bree?s Blessings is going to mail monthly blessing boxes to children fighting cancer. They will also offer virtual workshops and begin a survivorship program.

?We chose Bree?s Blessings because it deals with kids and Jayce was only a child,? said Ashley. ?We would hope that if one of our girls experienced something like cancer then Bree?s Blessings would be there to help us go through the horrible disease and give the girls hope or some excitement. Plus, Jenni is a local mom that went through the same horrible experience as us of losing a child. She is taking a horrible experience and making good from it.?