?Together we will ensure that Scott County residents have access to achievable, safe, and high-quality housing opportunities for all lifestyles and income levels.?

  • Action item: Develop a sustainable plan for new housing that protects the area?s natural resources and amenities.
    • Progress:
      • City of Austin updated their Comprehensive Plan in 2022.
      • City of Austin has issued 38 building permits in 2022.
      • City of Scottsburg is adopting a new Comprehensive Plan in November 2022 and a new Zoning Ordinance in 2023.
      • City of Scottsburg Advisory Plan Commission has issued 50 new build permits for single family houses in 2022, and 106 since 2020. Four subdivisions have been approved.
  • Replace and/or rehabilitate damaged and neglected housing.
    • Progress:
      • City of Austin has demolished several blighted vacant homes that were beyond rehabilitation since 2020.
      • City of Austin Circle K gas station has been demolished and is in the process of being rebuilt.?
      • City of Austin was awarded an Owner-Occupied Rehab Grant in 2021 to assist eligible homeowners to rehab certain areas of their homes.?