Dan Slattery, Vice Chairman

Dan Slattery, Vice Chairman

Family: married to Mary Lou, with 3 grown children, 4 grandchildren

Employment: Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Morgan Foods from November 1998-April 2010; promoted to President in April 2010

Activities/memberships/hobbies: Graduated from University of Cincinnati; member of St. Agnes Church in Brown County; active in finance and pastoral leadership at St. Vincent DePaul of Brown County; enjoy spending time with my family, travel and golf

Why did you join the board? I wanted to be involved with an organization that makes a strong positive influence on the community. I feel I can bring my education and experience to the Board and contribute in a way that will help the Scott County community. Scott County is an important part of Morgan Foods and I think it’s important that we are able to give something back that will have a lasting impact.

What do you like about the Scott County Community Foundation? I like the many ways the Foundation has a lasting impact on the community. It’s a great way for families to leave a lasting legacy for the future and to help many different people. I especially like the focus on education and scholarships available to help students advance their studies and to improve their futures.