L.L. and Juanita Lowry Unrestricted Fund

The establishment of the Forever Tree Society program by the Scott County Community Foundation was very appealing to L.L. and Juanita Lowry, long-term residents and business owners in Scott County.

“This fund allows us to contribute, on a smaller scale, to a very important cause that will benefit quality of life issues in our area. It is difficult to project what the needs of the community will be in the future so we particularly liked the idea of the ‘unrestricted’ fund,” said the Lowrys.

Contributing to an unrestricted fund, and once it reaches the “stand-alone” level, the Scott County Community Foundation Board of Directors will determine the needs of the community each year and apply any grant money to those causes, such as the beautification of the community and the preservation of history.

“The matching money offered by the Scott County Community Foundation was another drawing card for us to start the fund at this time,” continued the Lowrys. “Being a fundholder gets you involved and makes you feel like you are a growing part of the community. Since we own a local business and live in the area, we wanted to support the growth and advancements as much as possible. The Forever Tree Society allows us to do just that.”