Price Leaving Certificate or training

About $60,000 in scholarship assistance is available to graduating high school seniors through the Scott County Community Foundation. Whether a student has not decided on a major, or has plans to choose a career path in education, healthcare or other fields, there are several scholarships available.

Applications are due March 3, and have attachments required, so students are encouraged to begin the process immediately. Applicants are evaluated on a variety of criteria, with each scholarship having its own requirements. Criteria may include financial need, academics, letters of recommendation, extra-curricular activities, honors/awards, community involvement, work, essays and overall quality of the application. Some scholarships also have additional requirements, such as church attendance and a specific essay.

All scholarships must be completed online, and can be accessed at Click on the Scholarships and Grants pull-down menu and select Scholarships. There are separate links for the applications depending on whether a student is a graduating senior or adult. Most of the applications for graduating seniors are available in one common application.

?We are very grateful for the donors who are so passionate about helping students with their costs of higher education through these scholarships,? said Community Foundation Executive Director Jaime Toppe. ?Applying for scholarships can be not only financially gratifying for students who are selected, but it is also a learning experience for all students as they go through the application process.?

Updates on current and past scholarship recipients can be found on the Community Foundation?s website as well. In addition, there are numerous links to information on applying for financial assistance, scholarships, student loans and more. There is also a resource that can be downloaded that lists scholarships available from other providers in Scott County.

Please contact Jaime Toppe at the Scott County Community Foundation if you have any questions. She can be reached at 752-2057, emailed at, or you may stop in the office at 60 N. Main St., Scottsburg.