About the Willow Fund

When gifts to the Blossom Fund reach $10,000, or a donor makes an unrestricted gift of $10,000 or more, a Willow Fund is created. A Willow Fund is a “stand alone” unrestricted endowment fund. At this level a portion of annual earnings are granted in the name of the honoree each year during our grants cycle.

Subsequent gifts can be made to the fund in any amount at any time. A gold lettered nameplate will be placed with the name of the honoree in the Foundation’s Board Room and will be featured in Foundation publications. In addition, all donors who have a Willow Fund will receive complimentary lifetime tickets for all Foundation events and meetings.

Although no additional gifts are required to keep any Willow Funds active, donors are encouraged to consider future gifts (perhaps annually) so that the Forever Tree Society’s impact will continue to grow in Scott County by reaching the Oak Fund.

Willow Fund Members

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